Ken Epsman -- 1976 Dekon Monza / Bruce Canepa -- 1979 Porsche 935
Interesting photo:  #12 Bruce Canepa came from this way-back starting position to win the Group 4A final.  #20 Ken Epsman also charged through the pack to finish 3rd.  Canepa must have passed Epsman somewhere along the line, funny since I thought Epsman was faster and gaining on Canepa.  Times are interesting:  Canepa's best lap was 1:33.207   Epsman's was 1:32.847  2nd place finisher Andre Didier in the Greenwood Corvette's best lap was 1:35.346.  In a longer race Epsman would certainly have caught & passed Didier, and may have caught Canepa.  A classic race, with major drama for a historic racing event.

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