Steve Schmidt -- 1958 Porsche 356

Frequent website contributor Ron Cummings owned and raced this car in the 1950s.  He still crews on it occasionally.

(7-6-09)  From Ron Cummings:

"This is one of the racing Speedsters that I owned.  Dale Hirsh owned, prepped, and raced the car.  I bought it from Dale.  I crewed for him and helped rebuild everything on the car when he was racing it.  He was sponsored by Roger Burch of Scientific Automotive.  Dale even rebuilt the Hirth roller crank himself.  The factory said it could not be done but we had four local race drivers who rebuilt their Hirth cranks (Al Cadrobbi, Ed Barker, Dale Hirsh, Miles Gupton).  Dale won many races with the car along with the 1965 Pacific Coast Division SCCA class E Production Championship. The car ran the runoffs at Daytona that year. It is now vintage raced by Steve Schmidt.

I beat Ozzie Poul's ex-Hooper Corvette with the Speedster at Del Mar with this car. Ozzie spun out three times trying to catch up."

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