Jackie Stewart -- Lola T70-Chevrolet

Stewart dropped out after 43 laps with a broken gear shift lever.  He's followed into Riverside's Turn 7 by 3rd place finisher Graham Hill in the red Lola T-70 and Phil Hill in the #65 Chaparral 2E-Chevrolet (DNF after 7 laps).  Note rubber smoke from Hill's locked up wheels. 

(2-11-10)   From Rich Blackmarr:

"The color photo labeled Jackie Stewart shows the trailing group being lead by fourth place Stewart in the Mecom Team Lola-Chevy, but followed by Graham Hill in black & white helmet in the #3 team Lola T70 and by Phil Hill in the second Chaparral 2E (running with the wing end plates). 

The second tier pack of racers is depicted in a similar photo in both Falconer’s Chaparral (p. 147) and Lyon’s Can Am (p. 37) but starting with the fifth place car (behind Stewart).  Falconer’s is mislabeled as being at the Laguna Seca event and shows Phil Hill leading Graham Hill (it could only be Riverside), George Follmer, Chris Amon, and Skip Scott (all top 10 qualifiers).  Lyon’s picture shows Graham Hill leading Phil Hill, Follmer, Amon, Skip Scott, and Dennis Hulme (11th qualifying, white Lola T70).  All the photos must have been taken before Phil Hill retired on Lap 7 with vapor lock."

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