Chris Locke -- 1963 Lotus Mk.27 / Patrick Moran -- 1962 Lotus Mk.22

Three Lotus cars brake for the corkscrew.  Locke was a non-starter in his 1600cc. car; Moran finished 7th in his 1100cc. Lotus.  I can't make out the number on the 3rd car.  (9-16-12:  Phil Trenholme in his 1100cc. 1962 Lotus Mk.22.)

(9-16-12)   From Phil Trenholme:

"The 3rd car is #54: me.  This must be Pre-Reunion or qualifying race because as you said Chris Locke didn't start on Sunday.

Sunday race was great for me as for some reason Danny Baker and Art Hebert, the fastest guys, didn't start and the next fastest guys, Jimmy Domingos and Robert Hoemke got in trouble (I think) and had to start last. All this had me gridded 4th. 

Then on turn 2 I somehow got ahead of Pat Moran and I was in 3rd! Gilles was gridded first and began to get away but Doug Mockett is only a bit faster than me so I drove very hard to keep up with him and this towed me along fast enough to get away from Pat Moran. 

Unfortunately my 3rd place was lost when Jimmy Domingos caught me in the 7th lap and then Hoemke got by in the 8th and put me 5th. Oh well, not bad for a 77 yo guy that started racing at 65 and prepares his own car."

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