Tip Blume -- Effyh F-III / ????? -- Jaguar XK120 / Don Parkinson -- Parkinson Special   (1952)

(10-12-22)   From Richard Hodges:

"Now this one is odd. The car is certainly an Effyh, but it appears to be in a variation of yellow and blue commonly used on these cars back in Sweden. The second photo on the page, showing Tip getting a shove, I can confirm is from this meeting as well.

I can only conclude that this is a trick of the light (making silver look dark), and fooling someone who knows too much about Swedish colour schemes!"
(1-13-19)   From Richard Campbell:

"The lead car looks top be an Effyh F-!!!".
(1-16-19)   From Richard Campbell:   "This photo probably taken at the same event".
(1-16-19)  From Richard Campbell:     "Note Blume's crew in matching unifrms."

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