????? -- Jaguar XK120 / Joe Escherick -- Cooper Mk.5 FIII / Bill Pollack --  Cad- Allard  (1952)

(10-12-22)   From Richard Hodges:

 "The white Cooper in this photo is Joe Escherick in a Cooper Mk V (you have it incorrectly listed as Tip Blume in an Effyh)."

"Chassis numbers for these first American Coopers remain a mystery, although it can be noted that in the build records we have for the 1951 Mk Vs, none of the American orders are white, and nor should it have a red inset behind the grille. I suspect it has had a wash of white paint to distinguish it from Eliot Forbes-Robinson’s similar car, also at the meeting."

"This event was the first West Coast meeting to feature the F-III class (with an actual race). Bill Breeze had previously demonstrated a Cooper, and now had delivered a batch. The “William Breeze Cup”, held concurrently with the 100-mile Del Monte Trophy Race, was rather recklessly set for 50 miles (20 would be more realistic). That said, four of six starters finished."

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