Andrew Watry Visits Vaca Valley Raceway:

I shot these photos in October 2006. I haven’t been back in, though I’ve checked a couple times, and the gate was always locked. It appears the status is still basically like this; nothing has been built there yet. 

I had been wanting to look at the track, and this particular day happened to find the gate open. There was construction equipment at the NE end of the property, just sitting, not doing anything. No one was around, gate was unlocked, so I figured I’d go in til someone told me to leave. The entire banked oval is stil there and visible, though the grass and weeds are tall, and pavement is broken in a lot of places. The two road course extensions you can still find and follow too, though their pavement is more overrun by nature. At the NE end of the track, the road course extension is mostly obliterated by whatever the construction equipment there is doing. 

Banking, and spectator banking on the SE side are quite visible. There is a foundation of a building, presumably the timing tower, and a pit/drag race short wall is still there. I went in in my Explorer and did a few laps, took a number of pictures. I wouldn’t have wanted to try driving it in a sports car; you’d scrape and bottom out. There was a Comet or Falcon shell upside down in the infield, chassis mods showing it to have been a serious drag car.

 #1   shows the banking on the NW side, close to the old glider port, on the I-80 side.

 #2   shows part of the road course extension, on the I-80 side.

 #3   looks southwest (that’s Mt Diablo behind the Explorer). I can’t recall if this is the main oval or the road course extension.

 #4    is the main straight / drag course looking NE toward I-80.

 #5    is the base of the old timing tower, or whatever, and there’s the Comet/Falcon off to the left. This is on the pit side.

 #6    is I presume a pit wall, on the eastern end where the long road course/drag strip extension meets the oval. Looking NE.

 #7    is looking west toward Vacaville from the spectator hill across the back/southern straight. You can see the timing tower      foundation in the middle distance.

 #8    looks north towards I-80 across the drag strip, where it meets the oval.

I poked around for at least an hour, no one bothered me.  I did a number of “laps”, getting up to maybe 40 MPH on the better parts of the pavement. 

The old gliderport right over by I-80 is long grown over too. A couple small hangars are still there, probably no evidence of the strip except maybe from the air. I believe it was a grass strip. I flew out of here once in 1982."

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