Old Race Courses

Long gone but never to be forgotten.  These were the classic venues where the sports/racing cars of the 1950s and early 1960s made history.  See them as they look today!  Maps are clickable.

From "Todd":   Aerial photo of Riverside Raceway from 1982
Author, historian, and Lotus Mk.23 driver Gary Horstkorta also contributed this diagram of the  Sacramento Fairgrounds Course.
Cotati was located 45 miles north of San Francisco and was an abandoned WWII Naval airfield.

Gary Horstkorta sent photos & information about this long gone northern California venue.

Riverside International Raceway was the crown jewel of motorsport in southern California from its opening weekend in 1957 until it was finally overwhelmed by development in 1988.

In 2001, Bill Wilkman walked the grounds and took these photos.  Further develop- ment has since obliterated even these last traces.

Vaca Valley Raceway, near the town of Vacaville in northern California, still exists. Conceivably, it could be reopened if local politics allowed it and someone paid for a complete repaving.

Dann Shively took these aerial photos.

Paramount Ranch was a unique road racing course in the Santa Monica mountains above Malibu.  The land was used as a film location for many shoot 'em up Western movies. 

It's now a State Park and the "Old West" town with saloons & hitching rails and other standards of the genre still exists.

Website contributor Bob Norton walked the grounds and took these photos.

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