Tom Householder's Panorama

From Tom:  "This is a Pano I constructed from the Savin family DVD of the Bakersfield races held May 19-20 1956.  This is the grid for the final race on Sunday. 

There's a little bit of everthing in this race.   I believe there are five Specials in this race.  #70 is Max Balchowsky in one of his Doretti-Buicks.  Behind Max is Carlyle Blackwell's orange C-Type Jaguar.  Is that the "Townsend Typhoon" behind the Jag?   The Powell Buford is #172.  Behind The Cad-Allard  is an MG V8.  A bit obscure is the "Double Bubble" Prototype in front of Max!  There are also three AH 100 cars, one AH 100S, as well as an AH 100-4.

What you don't see here is John von Neumann in the Ferrari, or Ginther and Miles in Porsche Spyders."

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