Bill Krause -- 2

Before his "Birdcage" rides Krause had many strong runs in his own D-Type Jaguar, especially after he replaced the Jaguar "6" with Chevy V8 muscle.

Santa Barbara, May 29th, 1960:

Krause in the D-Jag-Chevy leads Bob Drake in "Birdcage" Maserati #2452 and Ken Miles in the Mercedes-Corvette later driven by Bob Edmison.

(Photo by Bob Norton)

Here's the history of Krause's D-Type Jaguar, #519:

Supplied to Hornburg, USA; sold to Krause (Bellfiower, California); modified by owner and raced quite successfully by son Bill; 3.8 engine fitted; 1958 Sports Car GP, Riverside, Bill Krause, 3rd; Chevrolet engine fitted later; 1960 Riverside, with V8, DNF; sold to Jim La Guardia; 1974 sold to John Bailey; work done by Lynx, including fitting original-spec engine and painting in pale yellow; John Bailey, (Birmingham, UK). 

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Another look at Krause in the D-Jaguar-Chevy.   This time at Stead AFB near Reno, NV, September 23-24, 1961.

Tony Settember drove this car for Krause at the 1961 L.A. Times Grand Prix.  He didn't qualify.

Krause drove the Jaguar E-Type in the car's first race appearance at Santa Barbara, and here at the GT car event supporting the 1961 Riverside GP.
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