Bob Edmison

Bob drove the Mercedes-Corvette for Dan Whitz/Mike Koslosky in 1961.  This beautiful car, built from a wrecked 300SL by Chuck Porter,  had a long history in California racing.  It was driven at times by Bill Krause, Ken Miles, and Chuck Stevenson, among others.

At Pomona, July 8-9, oval course pro Edmison finished 2nd to Don Hulette.

New!  Joe Scalzo's article describes Edmison's fine drive at Pomona.

The Mercedes-Corvette was later sold to Peter Culkin of Cloverdale, CA, who campaigned it in Northern California in 1962.

Where is it now? (Now we know)

The Mercedes-Corvette on the pre-grid. (Note E-Type Jaguar pace car in b.g.)

Car co-owner Mike Koslosky rides with Edmison.  Richard Hibbard is the kid walking on the far side of the car.

Another page shows more of Edmison at Pomona.

Edmison leads Jack McAfee in Vasek Polak's RSK at Santa Barbara, Sept. 2-3.  He battled Hulette and Dave Ridenour until he DNF'd.

McAfee went on to finish 3rd.

"We blew an engine qualifying on Saturday.  After working most of the night Keith Black built a new engine for us and we were able to start on the front row of the consolation race.  We led until Turn 7 when Roger Penske got by in his rear engine car.  We caught him at the end of the backstretch (the Benz would run 180-185 down the back straight) and got side-by-side going into Turn 9.  His superior handling and braking made us fall behind coming off of turn 9. I kept trying (too hard) to catch Penske and overheated the rear tires and spun in the esses a few laps later.  The clutch linkage was damaged after running over a turn marker so we were unable to restart". 
The team sold the Mercedes-Corvette to Peter Culkin after the 1961 Riverside Grand Prix.  For 1962-63 they campaigned what was potentially one of the fastest west coast racers, this Lister-Chevrolet.

 Before the team acquired the Mercedes-Corvette, Bob raced a Kurtis at Palm Springs

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