Bill Sherwood -- 2

Though best known for his exploits in Corvettes, Sherwood also had considerable success driving Ferraris.

Sherwood drove Chevy- powered Ferrari 625TRC #0680 for fellow Corvette driver Elmer "Red" Faris in 1961-62.  Here, he rumbles around the Stockton street course on April 14-15, 1962.

Movie #8  See Sherwood at speed in the Ferrari-Chevy at Laguna Seca!

Sherwood spun the Ferrari-Chevrolet exiting the last corner of the Stockton course. 

That's Dan von Hermann going by in the ex-Cunningham 2-liter Maserati Type 60 "Birdcage" #2462 -- a car later driven in NorCal events by Ron Dykes.

In 1964, Sherwood mastered Bev Spencer's Ferrari TRI/61 #0794, (shown here at Laguna Seca driven by current owner Peter Sachs).  He ran up a string of 2nd place finishes, which would have been 1st's except for the wins by Bart Martin in his Cooper-Chevy.

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