Other Corvettes -- 2

In Northern California, these two drivers often challenged top contenders Bill Sherwood, Paul Reinhart, and Don Wester.

Red Faris was an older than the other top Corvette drivers, but that didn't slow him down.

He had many battles with his close friends Paul Reinhart and Bill Sherwood.

Red Faris's son Bill remembers his dad:

"I found your web site by searching Google for"Red Faris".  Red (Elmer) was my Dad. I watched him race his cars over those years.  His first "racer" was a Triumph TR3 which he entered in autocrosses. The Triumph wasn't fast enough for him so he bought a Corvette.. a 1958, I believe... double headlights which he covered over with pointed fiberglass and called "Marilyn Monroes".

I was at  the Laguna Seca in 1961 when your movies were shot. Lots of names there that later became famous.....Jim Hall, Roger Penske...and of course Red's good friends, Sherwood and Reinhart. I'll look at the rest of your site. I noticed Riverside.....I was there to watch Carroll Shelby introduce his Cobras with Dave MacDonald and Ken Miles. My Dad was running his Corvette and I watched the Cobras lap the whole field only to be called in by Shelby....then sent back out to win the race.  Great racing days!!"

Danno Raffetto, shown here on the straightaway at Vacaville on Aug. 19-20, 1961, campaigned his bright Orange Corvette in the early 1960s.

He later bought the Ferrari-Chevy from Faris, and raced it with some success in 1963-64.

Video!   Faris and Raffetto in action at Laguna Seca!   Movie #6   Movie #9

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