Bob Harris -- Campbell Special-Chevrolet

Harris at the "L.A. Times Grand Prix", held at Riverside Raceway on October 15, 1961.  The "Bonanza" decal identifies the date and venue, as it wasn't on the car at Riverside in March, 1962 or at Stockton, in April, 1962.

Harris earned a spot in the main event by qualifying 15th at 2:07.7, then fought magneto  problems to finish 13th in the race.

(1-15-09)   From Bob Harris:

"I broke numerous track records in the Campbell car. I held the straight away record at Riverside for a short while at 180 mph. It was later broken by Jim Hall in the Chaparral.  I also held the track record at Riverside for about three months, which was then broken by Dan Gurney.  I broke records at Stockton, Del Mar, and Santa Barbara as well, all driving the Campbell special." 

(1-16-09)   From Bob Harris:    "The Origins of the Campbell Special"

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