Michael Shoen's "The Cobra-Ferrari Wars 1963-1965"

This is an unbelievably good book.  In it Shoen tells the full story, in detail (and with LOTS of great photos!) of Carroll Shelby's Cobra Team's efforts to defeat Ferrari and win the World Manufacturer's Championship in the pivotal years of 1963-64-65.

For newbies just now learning about the great years of American road racing, this book is a worthy educational tool.  A neophyte can become familiar with the cars, the drivers, the great races, and more.  For the already up-to-speed, the level of detail found here, especially on the little-known minor European events, will broaden and deepen the reader's  knowledge base.

We learn about the Shelby's Cobras little-known campaign to win the classic European hillclimbs:  in Bob Bondurant's own words.

Cobra Daytona coupes in fender-to-fender battles with Ferrari GTOs!  Learn about every dramatic race, from the three-hour "Daytona Continental" on Feb. 17, 1963 to the Cobra team's last great run at the thoroughly obscure "Coppa Citta' di Enna 500km" on August 15, 1965.  All are covered in depth.

From "The Cobra-Ferrari Wars 1963-1965"

"Enna was one of those conclusions to a way of life that you cannot imagine will ever end, but when it does, you cannot admit that it has -- the book closed and the characters forever in the past."

From Michael Shoen:  "I have agreed to do a second edition only because advances in digital scan technology now make a high-quality copy possible, based upon a mint-original first edition. For this technology and for re-typesetting the entire text, I thank Walter Kellner, who did the color separations in the first edition. Because of the inevitable degradation of second-generation visuals, I have priced this second edition at one-half the inflation adjusted price of the original. This second edition incorporates minor text corrections on 40 pages. For many of these, I credit Willem Oosthoek, a careful and knowledgeable reader.

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