It's not a Scarab -- What is it?

Because of the blue color I thought this was another Scarab photo.  More observant eyes saw differently. 

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(1-31-11)   From Diedrich Dasenbrock:

These photos from Ed Matsuishi are great! but the fourth Meister Brauser Scarab-Chevrolet shot is not of the Scarab -- yes it has what looks like a Hillborn injected Chevy V-8, but it's the wrong color with no scallops and similar but different hood hold-downs and a small, not full width, screen on the left...  Left hand drive would eliminate Maserati & some Ferraris... I'm thinking the beat up paint looks like fiberglass and the curve of the fender looks like a Devin... But that's as far as I can go! I wish I'd been there myself but unfortunately I was an 11 year old avid R&T reader & dreamer living in Ohio at the time!"

(2-1-11)   From Ron Cummings:

"Bob Herda drove the Huffaker Chevrolet Special, #116. That could be the mystery blue Special.  That car was repainted many times. I  would have to see more photos of the Huffaker to verify this suggestion. Herda is listed as the entrant. I know he owned the car at the time."

(2-1-11)   From your Webmaster:

"Good possibility.  I see some similarities, and some differences."

(5-14-14)   From Scott Carroll:

"The photo with the engine with Hillborn injection is a 1959 Bocar XP-5 that was driven by Harry Heuer and in 1960 became the Meister Brauser III, back-up car to the Scarabs."

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