Jo Bonnier and ?????

Bonnier quaffs a club soda.  (Don't laugh, I did this too.  Club soda was the only non-sugary soft drink available in the 1950s-early 1960s.).  Is this the same blond guy who was talking to Moss in this earlier photo?  Can anyone ID him?

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(2-7-11)   From Ed Matsuishi:

The fellow talking to Jo Bonnier is Ralph Lehotsky.  Ralph and I were classmates at the University of Redlands and hung out at the Riverside Raceway, which was only about 20 min. away.  We were both on the J. Frank Harrison crew in 1960.  You might see him in some of my other photos of Riverside and Laguna Seca in 1960.  Phil Hill got us some pit passes for the US GP at Riverside. Ralph was also in Europe with Phil the year before me.  He is now my crew chief at vintage races."

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