Sterling Edwards -- C-Type Jaguar

While there is no doubt that Edwards ran a C-Type Jaguar at Golden Gate Park in 1953 as #26, that was a white car.  Now we have the problem of figuring out who was driving this dark-colored C-Jag with Edwards' number.   Now we know, see below.

Note:  Edwards' C-Jag was white at the Stockton Airport races as well.

1-9-09   From author/historian Gary Horstkorta:  " Yes, initially I was wondering the same thing.  However, Edwards pretty much destroyed the dark-colored C-type at Pebble Beach.  There is a photo of the wreck in Devlin's book, 'Pebble Beach - A Matter of Style' on page 73 if you have a copy.  Pebble was run in April, Golden Gate Park in May and Stockton in June.  See photo of Edwards at GGP in a white C-type so he either bought a different car or painted it as part of the repair after the crash at Pebble.  Note the identical race number style as on the Stockton photo and the dark helmet.  I read the race reports from 1953 for GGP sourced from various magazines.  No other description was given for Edwards car other than a C-type. 

1-9--09  From author historian Michael T. Lynch:  "Two different cars."

1-11-09 More from Michael T. Lynch:   "Edwards' first C-Type was 017.  He had it by late '52.  At some point it was crashed and sold on to Lou Brero.  Original color was grey.  Second car was 026 which was originally owned by Al Coppel.  On cover of R?T Oct 53.  After the first car was crashed, Edwards bought 026 from Coppel. Original color cream."

1-18-08  From historian Ron Cummings: "According to Tony Adriaensens'  "Weekend Heroes" (pg. 111), Edwards' first C-Type Jaguar was destroyed at the April 19-20, 1953 Pebble Beach event.    Edwards' red C-Type was destroyed when his mechanic, the now famous Phil Remington, was driving it during practice.  He lost control on a slick spot causing the accident.   Edwards bought, on the spot, the white C-Type from Irving Robbins that Al Coppel was scheduled to drive.    Could this photo be of Pebble Beach rather than Golden Gate Park?"

1-19-08  From Gary Horstkorta:  "Yes, I remember the "Remington" incident, rather embarassing.  Edwards car could very well have been red, I don't have any color photos of it and the program does not list the car color.  So yes, the photo is from Pebble Beach."

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