Pebble Beach 1953:  "Steele" -- Allard-Lincoln

The entry list for the 1953 Pebble Beach "Del Monte Trophy" shows #139 as a Class "B" Lincoln powered Allard with no displacement listed, and without the driver's first name listed.  (From Art Evans "Pebble Beach Remembered" pg. 95.)

(12-2-08)  From Michael Jacobsen:

"I wonder if the Allard aficianados might weigh in on several of them: the car shown here as "Steele" in a Lincoln-Allard at Pebble in '53 is a mystery. This car has Harry Steele's number as listed in the program, but the program lists it as a J2X whereas it is clearly a J2 and appears in fact to be the Chapman Cad-Allard--a car seen in this picture, driven by Jack Armstrong at Golden Gate

The identifying marks of the Chapman car (later driven and then owned by Tom Bamford) are the hood airscoop, three eared knockoffs and white paint. Steele normally drove a Cad powered J2 which I think was red -- it can be seen in photos of Pebble 52, esp.  a famous one showing him being lapped by Bill Pollack. Tim Bamford might know the answer to this one."

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