Goodwood "Festival of Speed" -- 2005

Marten Hoeben's beautiful photos from the June 26, 2005 event at Goodwood.

The ex-Jerry Grant Ferrari #0704 was driven in 1962 by Art True.  Your webmaster saw it race twice looking exactly like this:  At the Portland Rose Cup, June 16-17, 1962; and at the "Seafair" event at Pacific Raceway near Kent, Washington on July 28-29, 1962.

The 1958 Sebring winning car (Phil Hill & Peter Collins) has been on exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI, for decades.  I never thought I'd see it on the track again!

Who's driving and how did it get to Goodwood? 

Author and Ferrari historian David Seielstad tells the story:

"The Ford Museum wanted Old Number 16, the Peter Helk Locomobile that won the Vanderbilt race. When Helk died his son offered to trade Number 16 to the museum for #0704 plus cash. 

Young Helk got #0704 and a million or so.  He immediately flipped #0704 to big European collector/dealer Abbe Kogan for several million more.  Big scandal at Greenfield Village for losing so much money on an unequal trade.

Anyway Kogan has had the car for about seven years now. It has been freshened mechanically. but not given the ground up resto. It still looks as it did when Art True last raced it."

More from historian Vince Howlett:

"At Goodwood, it was driven by classic car specialist Neil Twyman.  A while ago,I emailed Simon Taylor to ask if he knows who owns it now.  His response:  "Can't help you with the owner of the Neil Twyman Testa Rossa, but I suspect  it's not him -- I guess he looks after it and exercises it for a wealthy collector."  (Abbe Kogan?)

The 4.9 Ferari 410S was the largest-engined Ferrari of the 1950s.  I've always loved these brutal-looking cars.  Is this the ex-John Edgar car?
Historian Vince Howlett on the 410S

"As for the 4.9 Ferrari 410S, my guess would be 0598CM because of the flying horse on the headrest.  The driver was listed as Chris Cox, presumably the same Chris Cox from Chapel Hill, NC, who will be racing the ex-John Paul Porsche 935 and a Ferrari 275GTB/C at Monterey.  So maybe we can ask him about it there!"

This Mercedes-Benz 300SLR ran demo laps at the Monterey Historics in 1986 with Stirling Moss driving.  Moss won the 1955 Mille Miglia in this car with Denis Jenkinson as navigator.  The number "722" signifies the car's starting time:  7:22 AM.
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