Scott Brown's MGA photos

Scott sent me these photos of his efforts campaigning his MGA, a car raced in the 1950s by Ed LaMantia Sr.

From Scott:

"MGA owned by Ed LaMantia, driven by Scott Brown, chasing the Flying Shingle (all race long) finshing second behind the #50 at the HMSA Laguna Seca MG Reunion March 2004."

From Scott:

"Here's another from Sears Point -- Turn 2.  The Morgan was the 1966 SCCA E Production Champion at Riverside.  Next is "Ol' Blue", a TR-4 purpose built in '60s to race.  It was in storage for many years and has just undergone a major restoration.  For the life of me, I can't figure out what the last car is.  It looks like a Ferrari but I'm not sure.  Once they're behind me, I don't pay much attention.... ha!" 

(I think it's an "Iso Daytona."  TM)

Ed LaMantia (Sr.) at Laguna Seca in 1957 in the MGA that Scott Brown campaigns today in historic racing events.
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