The "Campbell Kurtis Alligator Special"

"Here are a few pictures of the Campbell Kurtis "Alligator Special".    Photos courtesy of Doug Hooper.

"Santa Barbara May 1964:  Doug Hooper driving  #119 Campbell Kurtis "Alligator Special".   This car was known as the Mistral Kurtis 500x Special that Bob Eagleson and Ed McCarroll built and raced."
Pomona, March 1965:  #91 Campbell Kurtis "Alligator Special",  #36 Jerry Titus Cheetah, # 16 George Follmer in his Lotus Mk.23-Porsche. 
"Pomona, March 1965:   #91 Campbell Kurtis "Alligator Special" rear view.  The car campaigned with a '62 Fuel injected Corvette engine."
"Riverside. April 1965:   Doug Hooper on victory lap in  #91 Campbell Kurtis "Alligator Special".  Doug Hooper drove the Alligator to win the 1965 Pacific Coast SCCA Championship in C Modified."
New!   (11-29-12)   Dave Hood's film of Hooper at Santa Barbara 1965!

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