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Early 1960s Racing -- Homepage

Early 1960s racing:  The transitional age continues.  Mid-engined cars dominate major events while older front-engined designs are still competitive on the local level. The explosive appearance of Carroll Shelby's Cobras powers American road racing to a whole new level.

Pomona, July-8-9, 1961
Pomona, July 8-9, 1961: John McCann's "Teakettle"
Roger Daniells Photos -- Cotati, July 15-16, 1961
Ike Smith's Photos
Dave Nicholas' Photos
Don Wester's Photos!
Bob Harris (1) -- The Campbell Special
John McCann's Photos -- 1961 L.A. Times GP at Riverside
Scott Sperka's Photos -- Road America 1961
Peter Culkin (1) -- Mercedes-Corvette
Bob Edmison's Lister-Chevy -- 1962
Tom Leonard -- Ford Flathead Special
Dave MacDonald and Joe Freitas
Joe Freitas' Photos -- 2
Rick Stark's Photos
John Albi -- Devin-Chevrolet
Bob Eagleson's Kurtis-Corvette
Martin Hill's Photos   (Early 1960s)
Ferraris at Laguna Seca -- June 7-8-9 1963
Doug Hooper's "Alligator Special"
Dave Selway's "Chevway"
Bill Krause -- Corvettes at Daytona, 1963
Haskell Wexler (1) -- Old Yellers III, IV, IX -- Homepage
Ed Matsuishi's Photos (1) -- LeMans 1963 -- Homepage
Corry Arnold's 1960s Videos
Ed Matsuishi's Photos (2) -- German GP 1963 -- Homepage
Ed Lamantia Sr.'s Genie-Corvair
Vacaville / Candlestick Park/ Laguna Seca
Eric and Carl Bernhard's Photos: Laguna Seca and Pomona
Rodney Packwood's photos of Las Vegas 12-11-60.
Charles Davis Sr.'s Photos of the 1960 L.A. Times GP at Riverside

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