Jay Rodgers' Kurtis 500M

I sent an inquiry to Geoff Hacker of "Forgotten Fiberglass" after reading this article about a Kurtis 500M the other night.  "I think that's the car I now own! 

The article shows the 500M, photo by none other than Lester Nehamkin, in what I interpret as being red with white door panel area. Those are what I have deduced was the original colors of my project. Actually previous to 1965 it was flipped to a white with red door areas, including experimenting with blue door areas somewhere in between. But of course red was a popular color back then as much as it is now. Tho this is the first time in much research that I have seen a picture of one with white door areas.

Man, I would love to get a hold of the original picture from Mr. Nehamkin. I understand he gave Joe Playan (the race car driver) boxes of photos from the day as he transitioned to doing golfing work. It's interesting that he would even bother taking a shot of this Kurtis when it obviously had just recently been damaged from an accident, as witnessed by the broken left headlight, tweaked front bumper, (like mine), and if that is a crack in the lower right valance, I have an old repair patch in that same spot. I'm hoping the car looking like it does had a story behind it that he would have noted on the back of the photo.
From Jay:  "I bought the car here in Las Vegas off Craigslist of all places, last October. The owners were the late Anthony DeAngelis, and his wife Connie "Carmela" DeAngelis. He traded her 1958? Continental for it back in 1965 when he owned a gas station in Arcadia, CA. As you can see it's a restoration project that Anthony started but never completed before his passing in 1999. "
With Carmela DeAngelis, 80 years old.  She had owned her Kurtis since 1965, it will always be called Carmela in her name.

From Jay:   "But the kicker is in the smaller details.  The headlight bezels, grill, parking lights are all the same, and yes, there are some differences I've seen on other cars. The interior of mine is all missing, but behind the heater was 3 layers of carpet. Two were red on top of a bottom tan layer. The photo washes out the interior in the bright sunlight so I can't tell if the seats or steering wheel are tan as I think they should be. But the steering wheel looks correct to mine as it looks like a Kaiser wheel with the finger nubs on the outer perimeter. The soft top looks correct because I was told it was a cream color. The detail I can't make out is whether the door has a handle on it like mine, or a push button up on the rear fender."

More from Jay:  "Circa 1965, but she was originally red with white door areas, it was flopped somewhere in the first ten years. 

I guess I'm hoping you might know how to get in touch with either the Nehamkin or Playan families about the photo at the top of the page.  I've also sent an inquiry to Edgar Motorsports as they have an extensive 50's archive and use some of Nehamkins photos themselves." 

If you can help Jay with info about his car or the photos above:  Please email me!

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