Ron Duly's Aluminum Body Panels

Ron would like to identify these aluminum body panels he found at an estate sale.

This body was very well made and has a California license plate from 1951.  It is aluminum and appears to have the original paint, yellow with a light blue stripe outlined in black.
It came from the LeRoy Frye estate sale in El Sereno, CA.  He was a fireman. Unfortunately, he was injured in a shop fire at his home. 

His collection of over 200 cars was scattered over his very steep property located on what is called Elephant Hill.  The collection seemed to stop in the early 60s, possibly when the fire struck.  Upon his passing, an estate seller was hired to dispose of the cars and parts.

 I heard about the sale two months ago, after all but a few cars were gone.  They were in the process of loading everything in sight onto a trailer for a trip to the recycler.  As soon as one load was dumped another followed. 

The land was so steep that they were rolling boxes/containers/ barrels full of parts down the hill to load into the trailer.  I found Model A roadster parts in the dirt.  There are more stories of what happened but that will be for another time. 

Had I not seen these body parts, they too would have been scrapped.  What about the rest of this car?  No one remembered a frame or running gear but they were not car buffs so likely it was scrapped.

The logo in the diamond is hard to read but appears to have an R in the middle with possibly an E to the left of it. 
I would guess that these panels date back to the early 1950s as it looks like the style and construction of cars made by Kurtis. 

El Sereno is close to Glendale where Kurtis was located.  Who actually made it is the question of the day.  Any help would be appreciated.

If you can help Ron identify his aluminum body panels:  Please email me!

(3-10-13)   From Ron Duly:

"The body parts have been identified as from an early Kougar kit car. Someone that used to own such a car recognized it from the few clues in the pictures.  The Kougar was based on Jaguar running-gear components.  The aluminum panels as used on this early example were later produced in fiberglass and kits are available from England.  This one has found a new home. Thanks for the help."

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