Ken Freese's Riverside Photos

Ken sent your webmaster some slides that haven't been transferred to CD yet.  Here are a couple of images that Ken scanned for me:

From Racing Historian Ron Cummings:

"It looks like the first L A Times-Mirror GP Oct 11-12, 1958,at Riverside. 

Car #110:   Both Bobby Unser and Ak Miller had track time that weekend in the Mille Miglia Kurtis.  Ak replaced the Chrysler Hemi with a Oldsmobile motor for this race. It sort of looks like Bobby's helmet. MotoRacing indicates that Ak drove in the race but a film of the race mentions that Ak gave the ride to Bobby while Ak started in his sick Devin-Chevrolet Special. In any event, neither finished the race.

Car #93:  Listed as Floyd Burt of Inglewood, Ca.  Burt was a Triple 'R' road racer and claimed to have some circle track experience. The car is listed simply as a "Buick Special". I remember 
seeing the car but I never read anything about it.

#140:  USAC Indianapolis driver Bill Cheesbourg drove Alex Budurin's Kurtis-Buick.  He started but was a DNF in the race. Both Cheesbourg and Budurin were from Tucson, AZ.

Ken's photo of Bruce McLaren in a 2.75 liter climax-powered Cooper Monaco on his way to second place in the Oct. 13-14-15, 1961 "L.A. Times Grand Prix" at Riverside.   Interesting color effect in this photo:  Maybe the same one NASA uses to fake Mars photos! :)

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