Bob Cole (if #83) or Bill Martin (if #88) -- Triumph TR-4 / Eugene Smith -- Alfa Romeo GTZ

Race results show Steve Froines winning Class D Production in a Triumph TR-4.   Can anyone help with other car & driver IDs?   Please email me!

(11-9-13)   From Rich Blackmarr:

"In the May 7-9 Laguna Seca SCCA Regional race program Bob Cole is listed as entrant in a black No. 88 DP Triumph TR4, while Bill Martin is an entrant in a blue No. 83 DP TR4.  My guess is that the Fuchs picture shows Bob Cole as his period race program advertisements for Cole Auto Imports show a drawing of a dark TR4 race car with a narrow stripe down the middle."

(5-13-14)   From Michael Singleton:

"The car in the picture would have had to have been Cole’s car. The Bill Martin TR4 was light blue (Iris?) with an offset stripe in red white & blue (main stripe was dark blue, smaller red stripes flanking it, and a white background under everything, as I remember). I got to work on this car at about this time. The car was out of the Hayward Auto Imports dealership, owned by Martin. Jack Moran prepared the car."

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