Mike Fuchs' Photos

From Mike Fuchs:  "Back from my first Vietnam tour, I was on an Ammunition Ship near Concord in the upper bay.  This looks like a race course set up in the park area around Twin Peaks, that's all I remember.  Being from Omaha Ne., I was in car guy heaven on the west coast during my navy deployment.  I eventually got to partake in vintage racing driving a Sunbeam Tiger, Alfa GTV, and Devin SS."

(I don't think this course was near Twin Peaks.  I think it's either Stockton or Camp Stoneman.   TM)

(10-25-13)   From Jim Cordero:

"I just looked at the Mike Fuchs' photos and I now agree it is Camp Stoneman".  (Also known as Kirker Creek Raceway  TM.)

1. The ammo ship Mike was on was pretty close to Stoneman
2. The telephone pole straight view point, I saw many times driving from Pittsburg, the
     location of Camp Stoneman, over those hills to Clayton, where I lived.

Very distinctive building in the " sports/racer in the haybales " photo. Don't recall seeing it.
And I too never attended the race at Stoneman so corners don't ring bell, seem familiar etc."

(11-2-13)  Links below in red are updated
(11-4-13)  Car and driver IDs added by Gary Horstkorta.
(11-9-12)  More info added by Rich Blackmarr.

David Love -- Ferrari 250 TR
Don Wester -- Porsche 904 / ????? -- ?????
Tim Repass -- Corvette Stingray / Herb Kaplan -- Corvette Stingray
Bob Cole or Bill Martin -- Triumph TR-4 / Eugene Smith -- Alfa Romeo GTZ
Don Cummins -- Jaguar E-Type / Foster Alexander -- Shelby Cobra
Eugene Smith -- Alfa Romeo GTZ
Jim Wellington -- Porsche Abarth Carrera GTL / Chic Gast -- Bobsy Rr2-Ford
Don Johnston -- Elva Courier / Tom  Hutson -- Lotus 7   Telephone Pole Straight
Ralph Wood -- Elva-Porsche / Tom Leonard -- Ford Special
Tony Escalle -- Cooper-Buick Sports/racer in the Haybales
Alan Maxey -- Triumph TR3 / Tony Ferrari -- MGA Twin-Cam
Camp Stoneman Course Diagram
(11-3-13)   From Gary Horstkorta, Historian for the SF Region of the SCCA:

"Great photos, not many of those races have appeared before.  Kirker Creek runs through the west edge of the property thus that reference.  Camp Stoneman was the name of the facility during WW II and used by the U. S. Army as a staging are for troops headed overseas.  Since it was located close to Suisun Bay which leads to the SF Bay, it provided an excellent place to stage troops before boarding ships.  Adjacent to Camp Stoneman (decommis- sioned after the war) was the Concord Naval Weapons Station which was active from WW II until 1999 when it was turned over to Contra Costa County.  It was an ammunition storage facility throughout its life and was active during WW II, Korean and Vietnam wars.

During the two years races were held over the abandoned roads of Camp Stoneman (April 3-4,1965 and April 2-3, 1966), it was called the Contra Costa GP.  It was a dangerous road course due to the many obstacles just off the pavement and hidden by the tall weeds.  Concrete foundations and other debris were lurking if a driver went off course with potentially serious results."

(11-4-13)   More from Gary:

"After a bit more research, Camp Stoneman was to the east of Concord Naval Weapons Station a couple of miles.  It was bordered on the north by Highway 4 (still there) and the streets Railroad Ave. (on the west) and Harbor St. (on the east).  That whole area is now houses in the city of Pittsburg.  There is a small public park by the name of Stoneman West Park in the middle of where the race course used to be.  By the way, the course was the same for each of the two years the race was held.  An overhead aerial view shows no evidence of the large industrial plant seen behind the crashed white car on the hay bales in one of the photos."

(11-9-13)   From Rich Blackmarr:

"Competition Press & Autoweek's Western Edition insert for May 8, 1965 has a report on the Norcal season opening April 3-4, 1965 SCCA Regional event at Pittsburg's Kirker Creek Raceway that was billed as the "Contra Costa Grand Prix."  

Of note during the weekend's events was high race car attrition due in part to pavement on the old military service roads breaking up badly in at least three of the 2.1 mile race course's eleven turns.  Apparently the events were quite popular as a crowd of 27,500 spectators is noted.  

The CP&A report confirms the race by race class winners already posted.  From an event I attended a month after the Kirker Creek races, the May 7-8-9 Laguna Seca Regional/USRRC race program lists Regional race entrants that correspond well with Gary Horstkorta's race car/driver IDs for the Kirker Creek race photos from Mike Fuchs."

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