J. Mozart -- '58 Lister-Chev. / D. Randy Riggs -- '59 Costin Lister-Chev.

Powerful iron thunders out of "Infineon's Turn 8A.  John Mozart in his 1958 "Knobbly" leads a slip-streaming D. Randy Riggs in Syd Silverman's 1959 Costin-bodied car.

Mozart's Lister was driven in 1960 by East Coast legend George Constantine.  At the first "Pacific Grand Prix", held at Laguna Seca on October 22-23, 1960, Constantine led a world-class field in what was then called the "Kelso Lister-Chevy" or the "Kelischev".

Riggs' car was originally bought by John Edgar and was to have been Maserati 450S V8 powered, but that project came to nought.  In 1962, the car appeared at Pomona painted bright yellow and with a monster drag-racing Chevy V8 installed.  Driven by sprint car star Bob Edmison, the car did well at the drags but was never properly sorted out for road racing.

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