Ferrari Testa Rossa -- Mystery Car?

Martin took this photo at Riverside in the 1960s.  He can't identify the year or the driver.  Can anyone help?

I remember a Testa Rossa entered at Willow Springs in early 1964, but I forget who drove it and I didn't save that event's program.  I wonder if this is the same car?  (I think not.  TM) 

From Ferrari Testa Rossa owner and driver David Love:

"Martin Hill's photo of a Ferrari 250 TR at Riverside looks like the one I'm still driving. My records show that it was at the 1967 SCCA Riverside Nationals and was one of its few "DNS" - A leaky oil pressure gauge line couldn't be repaired in time to make the grid.

At the time, it wore a Louisiana license plate and advertising on the front
fenders for Stephen Griswold's shop in Berkeley. (He was racing an Alfa
Spyder Veloce at the time).  My compensation for the "publicity" was shop space to work on the car."


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