David Love's Ferrari 250TR #0754 --  (2)

More of David's description of the history of his car. 

"Keck sold it to Jack Graham of San Jose, CA., who used it hard during 1960.   At Laguna Seca on Oct. 21-22, 1960, Graham insisted on a high brake pedal in spite of the new linings..."

"Graham's mechanic, Larry Taylor, told me the sad story: the result was locked brakes entering old Turn 5 and over the edge in the general direction of Salinas, coming to rest in an oak tree.  In the late 60's at an SCCA race at Laguna, the son of another of Graham's mechanics gave me these slides of the wreckage on its trailer."   (Graham survived the accident but suffered serious injuries and never raced again.  TM)
"The next owner, Bob Gengami, bought the remains and made it worse. The details would fill another book so suffice it to say that I repaired or had repaired the essentials, saving the crankcase for 20 years, while racing the car using other 3 liter V-12 parts. In 1984 the crankcase was restored by the talent of the staff at Griswold Restorations and now is back where it belongs."
Gengami raced the car in novice races in northern California in 1962.

Here's Gengami at Cotati at an RDC session in early 1962.

Another look at Gengami at Cotati.  Here's he's on the grid waiting for the next test/practice session.

Rod Carveth in Ferrari Testa Rossa #0666 was Gengami's instructor and led him around Cotati for many laps.

Fantastic sounds from the two Ferrari V12s.

"Gengami sold it to a Bob Allen of Palo Alto and in May of 1964 he advertised it in the San Francisco Chronicle classifieds as "freshly overhauled".   At the time I had a Porsche 550 Spyder, wanted to move from F Modified to D and couldn't find a Birdcage Maserati.  I traded the Spyder and some cash for the Ferrari. soon discovered that the car was completely unuseable - engine, suspension, gearbox, brakes - the works. The seller denied the reality, refused to take it back, I sued and lost the case.

The trail from then to now is another story, but in short, thanks to friends and to Mr. Otto Zipper who in 1964 sold me a complete 250 GT engine, I have been racing the car since 1965, interrupted only because of required maintenance or repairs.  I have done the maintenance and repairs, with the help of many talented friends."

Love raced the car from 1965 to 1968 against mid-engined competition in SCCA events.  Here he leads a Corvette around Turn 4 at Cotati in 1965.

In 1974 Love won his event at the first Monterey Historics, and campaigned the car through 2009 in historic racing. 

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