Riverside USRRC -- April 25-26, 1964 -- Pace Lap

The pace lap of this event.  Too bad the slide suffered water damage as there are many interesting cars here.  Note Skip Hudson in #9 Cooper-Chevy -- he won the event. 

The first car is #58, Jerry Titus in the facvtory-entered Cheetah, the orange blur two cars behind Titus is Jerry Grant in #8, another Cheetah.  The program has Dave MacDonald in #97, the "Lang Cooper", a rebodied King Cobra.  The blue blur would be #114, Bob Holbert in a standard King Cobra.  The white car is Jim Hall in #166 Chaparral II.  I think the green car behind Hall is Dave Ridenour in his Genie-Comet.  I have no clue as to the identity of the car/driver behind Grant's Cheetah.  The yellow car at the back of the pack is Ol' Yaller IX, entered with Bill Krause driving.  It's listed at 5600cc. which implies Buick power (A 427 cid Ford would equate to approximately 7000cc.).
Website visitor Paul House on MacDonald's "Lang Cooper":

"Dave MacDonald is at the wheel of the original Lang Cooper. There were two, this is the 1st one which was a repainted King Cobra with a modified front end.  Sadly this car was destroyed at Kent, Washington on May 10th, 1964, by Bob Holbert in a practice crash."

See Paul's models of both "Lang Coopers" here!

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