Bruce McLaren's McLaren Mk.1- Olds

McLaren brought this very clean and quick car, the first of the McLarens, to the "L.A. Times Grand Prix"  on Oct. 9-11, 1964 with aluminum Oldsmobile (B.O.P.) power.  He won the Over Two-liter qualifying race but DNF'd early in the main event.

Neat and clean.  1964 was the last year when a slippery design like this would be competitive.  Soon wings & spoilers and high downforce slammed cars to the pavement and cars like this one and Jack Nethercutt's even prettier "Mirage" were left behind.

The production models of this car were called "McLaren-Elvas" as Elva was involved in building the car.  Later models used larger & more powerful  Chevrolet & Ford engines.

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