Ronnie Bucknum -- MGB

Bucknum drove this MGB in 1963.  His driving impressed Soichiro Honda, founder and CEO of Honda, so much that Honda hired Bucknum to drive his new F1 car.

From historian Ron Cummings:

"Ron Bucknum also raced for Penske, driving the Ferrari 512M and Lola T-70 Mk III coupe.  For Haskell Wexler he drove Old Yaller III and a Lola T-70-Ford CanAm car.  For Max Balchowsky he drove Old Yaller III and Old Yaller IX. 

He started out racing his own Porsche Speedster, winning a regional champ- ionship. He moved on to a very fast AC Bristol prior to racing Hollywood Sports Car's Austin-Healey and MGB. I saw him beat the Corvettes several times while driving the AC and the MGB. At a big Laguna Seca race he beat a big field of Corvettes, with the MG including some Big Block cars, finishing second to Allen Grant's well prepared AC Ford Cobra. After repeating this feat at Dodger Stadium, a very impressed Mr. Honda hired him to be Honda's very first Formula One driver. Ronnie stepped out of the MG and was hired on the spot! Mr. Honda was at Dodger Stadium that day."

From racer Davey Jordan:  (email to Ron Cummings)

"You have counted all of Ronnie's early rides that I can remember. That 
fast AC Bristol that you mentioned was owned by Rene Pallandini, and 
taken care of by Stu Haggert.   The same owner and mechanic that ran Lew Spencer's Baby Doll Morgan."

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