Chuck McCarty -- Gemini Mk.IV Formula Junior

Martin couldn't identify this F-Jr. rounding Riverside's Turn 7.  At first I thought it could be the one-off Stanguellini "Delfino" but I was totally wrong.   (The red color and the Scuderia Serenissima decal fooled me into thinking the car was Italian!  TM) 

Jim Hawes and Fred Puhn ID'd this car and its driver.  To comment: Please email me!

(1-15-10)   From Jim Hawes:

"I know this car but I can't put my finger on the details.  I believe it had 2 small radiators (one on each side of the driver). The air channeled along the sides and then exited out the rear. If it is the car I think it is then Chuck McCarty would be the driver but the livery seems wrong! I may have this in one of the old programs. It must be Riverside 1961-63 vintage, but boy the car looks modern!"

(1-15-10)   From John Slater:

"Sportscar Graphic had a test/preview of an English F. Jr with a similar body, side radiators, etc.  The car in the test had an unpainted Aluminum body.  If it were painted red ... ?"

(1-17-10  From author, racer, and car builder Fred Puhn:

"That is Chuck McCarty in his Gemini Mark IV.  It was the most advanced Formula Junior ever built.  It had inboard brakes and inboard springs front and rear, side radiators, and a 6-speed gearbox.  These cars were few in number and were never successful because the class ended right after they came out.  I helped him “improve” the car with a stressed engine block and billet aluminum rear a-arms.  This slide shows the car right after Chuck got it because he later improved the car with a front mounted radiator.  Overheating was a continual problem, and my experience with the Quasar says it was due to air trapping in the high points of the pipes."

(1-18-10)  From Gemini Mk.IV racer Chuck McCarty:

"Gemini Mk. IV with yours truly at the wheel.  Car originally driven in Europe by Colin Davis.  Prior to myself it was owned by Scuderia S.S. Republicca de Venezia."

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