Oscar Valdetaro's Model of the Elva-Maserati

"Remember me?  I'm Oscar Valdetaro from Brazil...the one who's building a model of Dan Blocker´s Elva-Maserati Mk.6.
I promised you photos of the ready model.Well,the model isn't ready yet, but I have made the wooden matrix to cast the fiberglass model.  It was ready by the end of last year and I couldn't go ahead because, since then,I didn't had time to do it. The model is 1/32 scale and is made for slot racing (this explains the"trunk" under the driver, it's made for engine room)".

"I would like to say that my interest about the Elva-Maserati began in 1963, when I was 14 and saw it in a movie.  Since then, I become fanatic by racing cars and, when I was 18 I began to race real cars.  I retired from racing when I was 33 year old,but never forgot racing cars.  4 years ago (at age 50!) I began to build slot cars and a slot track, everything in 1/32 scale.  I made contact with Phillipe de Lespinay, who's involved in slot racing organization in California, and maybe I can race my "Vinegaroon Special" in the Marconi International Races, on the 2005 or 2006 edition(usually in Las Vegas).

Tam, finally I have to say that your site is very important to me and to all who love racing; it's the best site on the 50's and 60's racing cars, a  time when the modern knowledge about racing cars were born, but everything had to be handcrafted."

More from Oscar  8-10-04

"For the model, before I go on finishing the body, I need to make the chassis... But for the moment I only made drafts of it.  Work & family are taking too much of my time, I have to wait until things become more calm... I'm considering to postpone my entry for Marconi races to 2006, maybe... But, when it's done you will be the first to see the photos.

During my research on the Vinegaroon I found some pages of "Sports Car Graphic Magazine"  with a report on the Riverside Times GP of 1963 and two photos of the car. If you have interest on it, I can do a scan for you. I made a spreadsheet with all the information I found about that race, and I can send it to you too."

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