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 New Page!   "New Today At Tam's Old Race Car Site" -- 2008

Joe Breeze, son of early 1950s NorCal SCCA racer and SF Region Regional Executive Bill Breeze, contributes his photos and memories.


Best Shots!   New section posted with your webmaster's favorite photos from the "2007 Coronado Speed Festival"!


All racing groups posted from the "2007 Coronado Speed Festival!"   One of the great events of the SoCal racing season was held Oct. 5-7 on the runways of "Naval Base Coronado".


Northern California MGA racer Tony Ferrari contributes his photos from 1960s racing at Laguna Seca, Sears Point, and Candlestick Park.


New!!!  8 more photos from historic Can-Am racer Todd Glyer shot at Can-Am events held at Laguna Seca in 1971 and 1972. 


Monterey Historics 2007 -- All racing groups posted and "Best Shots" page posted!


Wine Country Classic 2007 -- "Best Shots"  Your webmaster's favorite photos from this great Northern California event!


Monterey Historics 2006 Upgraded.  All pages and photos re-edited and improved.  Many new photos!  This was another HUGE JOB so please check it out!


Monterey Historics 2005 Upgraded -- All pages and photos re-edited & improved.  This was a HUGE JOB so please check it out!


New -- Best Shots Homepage!   Your webmaster's favorite and most fun photos -- from 1961-62 up through last year's Monterey Historics!!!


L.A. Auto Show photos!  Some very interesting high performance cars were presented at the second show of 2006.  The L.A. show's new date no longer conflicts with the Detroit show.


"Coronado Speed Festival" pages & photos posted!  Your webmaster's favorite pics from this fun event held Oct. 7-8 at "Naval Base Coronado" near San Diego, California.


"Best Shots" pages posted!  Your webmaster's favorite pics from the 2006 Monterey Historics.



Concours on Rodeo Drive!   Every year on Father's Day the most expensive shopping street in Beverly Hills is shut down and some of the most beautiful cars 
in the world are on display.


Finished! -- all "Wine Country Classic -- 2006" pages & photos posted (including "Best Shots".) 


John Armanino raced his Healey-Chevrolet in Northern California in 1958.  He contributed these photos to this website.


Big news!!!   SoCal racing legend Don Hulette returns to the racetrack!!!   He'll drive "Townsend Typhoon" at 2006 Monterey Historics!


Website visitor Doug Noble contributed these photos 
he shot at the Labor Day Santa Barbara races, held August 30-31, 1958.


L.A. Auto Show -- 2006!!!  Your webmaster attended this annual event which featured some great-looking prototypes and GT cars this year.


The "Coronado Speed Festival" was held on Oct. 8-9, 2005 at the Naval Base on Coronado Island near San Diego, CA.  Due to computer problems I'm just now able to post these pages!


Monterey Historics 2005 -- "Best Shots" finished!!! 

Now on to Coronado!   I was sick ? missed Saturday's races but I'm going tomorrow (Sunday) -- Photos soon!!!


Website contributor and motorcycle racer Bill Cleghorn recently found long-lost photos taken at early 1950s California racing events by his grandfather, Dr. John K. Skivington.   These are treasures!


All photos and sections from the June 3-4-5, 2005 "Wine Country Classic" are now posted. 


New Martin Hill Photos!   More shots that illustrate the history of California racing in the mid-to-late 1960s.


On April 16 2005,  the "Fabulous 50s" non-organization staged its annual Spring non-event at Paramount Ranch State Park, site of the legendary Paramount Ranch race course.


News today that Ed Leslie, Monterey CA, based champion racer has passed on at the age of 83.   Click on link for obit from "Monterey County Herald".


More photos from Martin Hill's collection.  Click on Mario Andretti's red #3 Lola T160-Ford to see the new pages!


Website contributor Martin Hill promised us more photos, and he certainly delivered!  Click on Jackie Stewart's Lola T70 from 1966 for many more more photos and many more pages!


Website visitor David Hepp contributed this article from "Motor Trend"  Dec. 1970.  It features Augie Pabst's conversion of the mid-engined Scarab for street use!


Also from David Hepp:   A Dec. 1969 "Motor Trend " article on the little-known Shelby "Lone Star"prototype.  Too bad this one never got into production!


Alaska seaplane pilot, Aston Martin DB3S racer, and Ferrari 375MM owner and driver Bill de Creeft contributed his racing memories.


Martin Hill contributed photos from his personal collection.  They show the great cars ? drivers of early and mid 1960s Southern California racing.  (More coming!)


Your webmaster attended the 2005 edition of the L.A. Auto Show today.  More fun learning to use my new digital camera!


Northern California Ferrari Testa Rossa (#0718) driver Gordie Glyer contributed some of his photos ? memories to the website!


Website visitor Ed Sauer's photos on the new Ed Sauer Photo Page!


On April 3, 2004 the "Fabulous 50s" non-organization hosted a gathering of old friends ? old sports/racing cars at Willow Springs Raceway.  Sorry I'm so late with this!

Also!!!   Scott Brown's MGA racing photos!


Website visitor Giorgio Gotti contributed these beautiful photos of veteran Italian racer Gino Munaron's 80th birth- day celebration.


Finally all the Monterey Historics 2004 sections are done!  Tonight your webmaster added a look at the incredible Chrysler ME412 supercar that ran demo laps and some pages showing photos taken in the pits.


More of Pete Vanlaw's photos from the 1950s.  These were taken at an SCCA National at Fort Worth, TX, in 1957.


Frequent website contributor and Lotus Mk.XI racer Bob Engberg contributed his memories of the Palm Springs races held in 1957-58.


A little off topic for this California-centric site... 

Dave Williams is involved in resurrecting the Cumberland, MD, airport circuit for historic racing in 2006.  He sent these photos from Cumberland's glory days in the 1950s.


Dick Brashear contributed photos ? memories of his days racing Ferrari Testa Rossa #0710 in 1961-62.

7-12-04     More from Dick --  New additions today! 


George Keck owned and raced Ferrari Testa Rossa #0754 in 1959.  His photos ? memories...


Every year on Father's Day Beverly Hills celebrates fine automobiles with the "Concours on Rodeo".  This year's event celebrated 50 years of Ferrari's presence in the USA.


Torrey Pines II -- More of Bob Engberg's photos ? memories of the last Torrey Pines race event,  January 14-15,1956.


Longtime website contributor and historic racer Bob Engberg contributed his photos and memories of Torrey Pines, the storied San Diego, CA, area racecourse.


General Racing's "Wine Country Classics" were held at Sears Point Raceway (now called "Infineon Raceway") over the weekend of June 4-5-6. 

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