Don Wester -- 1

drove a class "B" Production Porsche Carrera in 1961-62.  This 4-cam 1600 cc. car was considered so potent it was placed in the same class as the Corvettes.  Along with Ed Leslie and Chuck Parsons, Wester gave the Monterey Peninsula three first-rate competitors in 1961.

At Santa Barbara on Sept. 2-3 1961, Wester finished 2nd  to fellow Northern Californian Paul Reinhart.
Wester chases Ken O'Neill's Austin Healey into Laguna Seca's corkscrew during the Saturday amateur support race for the October 22, 1961 Pacific Grand Prix.
Wester on the very tight Stockton street circuit on April 14-15, 1962. 

He finished 3rd behind winner Dave MacDonald and 2nd place Paul Reinhart.

Later in 1962, Wester bought a Porsche RSK and did well in the fall pro races.

For 1963 he moved on to the ex-Bob Donner RS61.

In 1964 he ran the full USRRC circuit in a Genie-Ford and usually finished 2nd or 3rd behind Jim Hall's all-conquering mid-engined Chaparrals.

New!   (6-17-09)  Photos from Don Wester's Personal Collection!

Video!   Wester at Santa Barbara in Movie #5.  At Laguna Seca in Movie #6..

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