Paramount Ranch -- 11

Eric Hauser was a DNF in the "Balchowsky Special" (later "Old Yeller I") in both the March and June, 1957,  events.

Eric Hauser lights up the right rear tire coming down from the top of the course.

He led off the starting line but a stuck throttle forced him off-course in Turn 2.

He DNF'd when a steering arm broke.

Hauser takes a long walk back to the pits after the "Balchowsky Special" broke.

He's wearing his familiar striped Jersey.  No fireproof suits in these early days.

Jerry Austin in his D-Type Jaguar leads the "Balchowsky Special".

Bob Norton remembers this unusual shot:  "It shows Austin followed by the "Balchowsky Special", but with a passenger on board!  This must have been during practice, but I have no idea who the driver and passenger were."

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