Paramount Ranch 2005 -- Binney-Allied-Doretti

This interesting and historic car recently reappeared after being lost for decades.

The Binney car has been discussed at length on this website.  #85 is the award winning MG Special of Michael Jacobsen.
From Racing Historian Ron Cummings:

"The MG next to the Binney Doretti is an MG Magnette from the '30s. I know little about these cars but this one was raced in the '50s by a guy named Jacobsen.  It ran all of the Cal Club tracks including Paramount Ranch.  His son, a recently retired Cal Poly professor, still vintage races his dad's car. He is a member of the Fab 50's. I have talked to him several times.  I will try to get you more info."

From Mike Savin:

"It was a kick to see Bill Binney's Coupe -- even in that sad condition after all these years.  The last time I saw it must have been about 1964 or 1965 -- a Monterey Park postman owned it at that time and it was painted white. (Bill originally painted it red)."

From Bill Oker:  The Binney-Allied-Doretti at the Concours held at the Biltmore Hotel in Santa Barbara in 1956.

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