Paramount Ranch -- April 16, 2005

The "Fabulous 50s" non-organization staged a very pleasant non-event at Paramount Ranch National Park on April 16, 2005.  The Park is the site of the legendary Paramount Ranch course where sports car races were held in the 1950s. Sections of the old course still survive.

If anyone has info to add or ID's on cars, car owners, etc. or any comments on this event Please email me!

Old Yeller II Wins Again!
Concours Prize Award
Old Yeller II
Fab 50s Concours Award
Old Yeller VII
Concours d'provenance
More Cars!
Alfa Romeo Giulietta
Two Allards
C-Type Jaguar Replica
Mercedes-Benz 300SL
"Gullwing" Coupe
MG Special
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