Pomona,  March 6, 1960 -- 4

Formula Junior was just starting out in March, 1960.  In Bob Norton's photos we see some of the first of these cars to compete in southern California.

Looking like a miniature Maserati 250F, the Italian Stanguellini dominated the early days of F-Jr. racing.

More info coming on the cars on this page!

If the Stanguellini exemplified classic Italian styling, this Elva represents early British efforts in F-Jr.

Lower, lighter, and better handling than the Italian car, BMC powered Elvas lacked horsepower compared to the Stanguellinis' highly-modified 1100 cc.Fiat engines.

French F-Jr efforts fell far short of their Italian and British rivals.

Not even Dr. Bill Molle could coax much speed out of this front wheel drive car.  It was powered by a Panhard opposed-twin motor and finished well behind the leaders.

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