Pomona,  March 6, 1960 -- 3

Bob Norton describes his photos of these Formula III cars

"I had spent a year or so helping Bruce Eglinton (a fellow student at Caltech) to rebuild his Kieft.

This was a Formula III car, of the type that really got racing going again in England after WW II.

A more common FIII car was the Cooper, with Harry Morrow shown below."

"Harry was very active in the sports car scene of the 1950s, having been an early investor in Road ? Track magazine and the Willow Springs race track.

Harry also owned the Autobooks bookstore in Burbank for many years.

Bruce and I used to drive over from Pasadena to Burbank on Friday evenings to check out the latest books and schmooze with Harry and others that would gather at Autobooks."

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