Rodney Packwood's GlassPar-Chrysler "Mystery Car"

From Rodney:  "This GLASSPAR / CHRYSLER SPECIAL was purchased from hot rod/dragster builder/restorer Rich Ridell in Lake Elsinore, CA in 1996 by Jerry Wood.

More from Rodney:  "The car now resides in Vista, CA. Glasspar G2 body #172 on chassis by Harold "Shorty" Post,  # PC 102 013 (Post Co., Oct, 1952, #13),  331 Hemi power # C-51-8-21212.  Many original speed parts, racing numbers.  "Harris GT" written on frame member in yellow crayon; bottom half of the dash sawed off."
"Not many Glasspar-bodied cars saw combat, this may have been a movie car or... ? We have zero history prior to acquisition.  Images depict car before restoration began. Car nearly completed, any information very welcome." 
"Glasspar G2 registry currently has over 50 G2's located and accounted for.  If you have a Victress, Byers, Woodill, or any car with what you suspect is a "Post" chassis, there is also a Post frame registery... just ask."

If you can help Rodney with this history of his car:  Please email me!

New! (11-29-12) Rodney's "Packwood Special"!

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