Rodney Packwood's "Packwood Special"  (2009)

From Rodney:  "Typical of most "California Specials", the car was built by hand in a back yard in So.Cal, (Pico-Rivera) in 1959, and was raced in 1960-1961.  Unusual in fact because it was a coupe, and was nice enough to make Road & Track."

From Rodney:  "I found the car in 1989 advertised in Hemmings, and tracked it's ownership until Monday when I purchased the car from Dan Verstuyft in Paso Robles. The poor girl has been shunted and stripped, but most of it is still there, and it can now begin the long road back.

"I hope you enjoy these pictures. Interesting that the car is returning to the same family that spawned her after 53 years!"

More from Rodney:  "Images show the car in a line of four "Specials" at Palm Springs.  The #126 Chuck Porter Mercedes (when it was blue) the #1 Eric Hauser Lioncage, the #142 Packwood Spl, and #45, the Lew Spencer Devin-Chevy.  The Packwood will now join the other three that have all been preserved."
From your webmaster: I don't recall ever seeing the #126 Mercedes-Corvette or the Lew Spencer VKI Devin-Chevy in blue paint.

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