Al Coppel's "Tais Special" at Pebble Beach -- 1

From Biill Cleghorn:  "It was Al's (fairly famous -- at the time) MG TC Special, built and maintained by Bill Breeze's Sports Car Center in Marin.  The name of the car was "Tais" (I think I've got the spelling correct?)  Pronounced "Ty-Ees".

Al raced it for at least 1 season in it's original (Under 1500cc Production) condition before racing it in the Under 1500cc Modified class for awhile.  Later, he got the OSCA, also an under 1500cc "Production" class car.  He  also got/raced a C-Jag, and I think a D-Jag, but didn't race that one.  In the pics of Al Coppel, he raced the production Tais as #38, the
number he used before settling into using his long-time number, #23."

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