Pat Cleghorn & Al Coppel's OSCA

Bill Cleghorn's mother Pat Cleghorn sits by Al Coppel's OSCA.  (This looks like Torrey Pines to me. ?????  Can anyone identify the year?   Can anyone identify the model & displacement of the OSCA?  TM)

Fron Bill Cleghorn:  "Around '57 or '58 Al Coppel quit racing.  He took it up again, briefly, in the mid '60s when he was the editor of a short-lived, very attractive sports car racing magazine (???).  At that time my parents turned their efforts to continuing their roles as race officials for the 33 Region of the SCCA, where my mother was a member of the scoring committee and my father was a long time Chief Steward, into the mid 1960s."

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