Bill Pollack -- Allard-Cadillac / Two Ferraris Pebble Beach, 1953 

1953 was the last year that Bill Pollack raced Tom Carsten's Allard-Cadillac at Pebble Beach.

The #2 car is race winner Phil Hill's Ferrari 250MM. Pollack in the #14 Allard looks to be in good position to use his horsepower & torque to pull away from the smaller engined Ferraris.  Can anyone identify the #10 Ferrari?

Author and Ferrari historian David Seielstad identifies the #10 car:

"It's Bill Spear in his 340 Mexico #0228 AT.  Lorenzo Zambrano brought the same car back to Pebble Beach on the 50th anniversary of this photo.  Behind him is Phil Hill in his 250 MM #0260 MM."

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