Sears Point "Wine Country Classics" 2002 -- 4

Race 2 featured the production cars of the late 1950s.  Corvettes were dominant in this event in the "Old Days" and ruled again today.

Three Corvettes, #43 Ken Epsman, #59 Ron Cressey, and #77 Joe Frietas lead #31 Dean Watts' Porsche Carrera and #71 Carl Christiansen's Daimler SP-250.  Freitas raced in the early 1960s, and was the protege of his good friend Dave MacDonald.

I was glad to see a Daimler giving a good account of itself as I owned these cars myself for twenty years.

Really bringing back the memories! Paul Reinhart in #6 appears with his Corvette configured as it was in 1962.  He sold his Stingray from 1963 and recreated this ultimate classic.  Here he leads Noel Park in the #58 Corvette.

Link to Reinhart at Stockton in 1962.

A closer look at Carl Christiansen's fast & well-prepared Daimler SP-250.

Some people think these cars are ugly, or resemble fish -- I think they look great!

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