Sears Point "Wine Country Classics" -- 3

The early 1950s were represented by a wide variety of interesting cars this year.
 Ivan Zaremba's 1951 Hudson Hornet was created with the help of racing legend Smoky Yunick. 

Yunick developed the original racing Hudsons in the early 1950s.

Following Zaremba is Clint DeWitt in his 1955 Porsche Continental coupe.

Robert F. Williams' stylish #87 1952 Siata Daina leads #147 Ferdinand Schoch's 1953 MG-TD.

#72 Butch Bucciarelli's 1935 Wolseley Hornet challenges Schoch.   Tom Price's 1932 Alfa Romeo 8C Grand Prix car follows the group into Turn 2.

Jamie Pfeifer's's motorcycle-engined 1959 Berkeley B95 #99 leads Jack Perkins' #7 1954 Warrior-Bristol.

Following are Bill McCann's #42 Fiat Crosley, and Francois Castaing's's 1930 Chrysler.

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